English environment with native speaker. For our kids we create English environment for half of a day. Everyday lessons, games, walks outside, theater, music, reading books and other routine are happening in English. Creating foreign language environment is the most effective way to learn it.

Educational Events. Modern kids’ psychologists consider “living through the information” to be the best way for kids to consolidate new knowledge. Specially created Events make new information easy to understand and help keeping it in kid’s long-term memory. Children continue playing new topics several months after learning those.

Licensed educational program. Child’s education should be right even at kindergarten. We have licensed educational program. It has right physical and mental loads for kids and satisfies the requirements of getting enough of new knowledge.

School preparation. Extremely important for pre-school children. Runs 4 times a week in group 5-7 and includes 4 block: grammar lessons with speech therapist, Mathematics, the world around us and speech development.

Highly professional team of teachers. Every teacher has higher degree education and vast experience of working with pre-school kids. Every child is a genius in his own way and we just need to help him uncover this greatness. Working with children, it is important to be a magician to illuminate the world of childhood kindness and love.

Speech therapy Classes (early speech development for ages 1.5-3, group lessons for ages 3-5, private lessons for ages 5-7). Sound articulation correction, literacy training, preparation for writing, phonemic hearing development, the grammatical system of speech development, coherent speech development

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Acting skills and music taste development. Theater teaches kids to manage dolls and express their emotions through those.  It teaches kids empathy to heroes and what’s happening to them. It also helps kids feel liberated and increases their self-confidence. Music is a very important part of our life. Kids learn to listen, understand and feel it.

Kids development with Montessori basics. These lessons teach kids to be very attentive, to work and play by themselves.

5-meals a day. The menu is developed in collaboration with children's nutritionist.

We use only fresh meat and fish products, vegetables and fruits, and dairy with short shelf life from private farms. Our menu is useful, but tasty just like home.

Daytime sleep. Kids go to sleep listening to classical music. So the nervous system has time to rest for an afternoon adventures.

Walks outside on your private fenced area. Secure area with lots of children's play equipment.

Educational license. Allows you to use maternal certificate to pay for kindergarten, as well as use tax deduction for educating your child.

Education at KidsPlanet

Our educational program allows the kids to start thinking «outside the box». Only this way kids can get comprehensive knowledge.

School preparation

It is a very important part of our program. Kids study math, speech development, world around us and grammar with speech impediment teacher.


Creating an English environment with native speaker

We help kids to open up to others. We never limit their abilities. At KidsPlanet we believe that each child can do more. And we create playing environment where children can study something new. This environment rases desire to learn in kids and encourages them for self-development.


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